Kyle Wiggers is an avid writer, web designer, podcaster, and video producer with an acute interest in all things technology. He has written for Android Police, Android Authority, Droid Life, and Scene Magazine. When not reviewing or commentating on gadgets, he enjoys reading the New Yorker and playing Rock Me Archimedes.


Is 4K on Android overkill?

Appeared in Android Authority October 21, 2013

4K may seem like another bad marketing buzzword. But, unlike the meaningless jargon manufacturers like to throw around at press conferences, 4K content is not useless. It is the high-definition successor to 1080p, and promises to change the way we experience TV, movies, and content by delivering an unprecedented level of detail.

4K video is the future. But what is it, exactly, and do the current costs outweigh the benefits? Before we jump into the technology behind 4K, it is important to understand why companies are so keen on the standard in the first place. Really, it all comes down to market dynamics. more


The Past and Future of High-Speed Fiber Optic Broadband Internet in Cleveland

Appeared in Cleveland Scene August 15, 2014

Compared to other nations, the speed and price of broadband internet in the US is not anything to write home about.

Ookla, a web metrics company, currently pegs America at 31st and 46th respectively in terms of average download speed and upload speed, behind countries like Estonia and Lichtenstein. The United States also has the dubious distinction of being one of the few nations with an abundance of bandwidth (i.e., the capacity to stream videos, download files, and surf the web) but sky-high prices for service. A particularly egregious factoid: As recently as 2012, U.S. subscribers to internet triple-play bundles paid four times as much as French subscribers for 1/10th of the network speed. more